FAQ Hi Viz Safety Vests

Q Can you tell me are the vests okay to be used on the road?

A Yes, the vests can be used by the general public on the roads.

Q Do the vests have lights on the back and the front?

A Yes, there are 6 LED lights on the front and 8 on the back of the vest.

Q Do I need white lights on the front of the vest?

A No, white lights on the front only apply to vehicles, as this is a garment worn by a person, the lights can be any colour.

Q What sizes are available?

A 2 Sizes are available. Adults and Childrens. These vests have 3 adjustable Velcro straps to keep the vest tight to the body.

Q I am a keen adult cyclist, what size vest should I purchase?

A Depending on your build, we would recommend the childrens size for slim, athletic men and women. If the vest is going to be used over a jacket or winter coat, we would recommend the adult size be used.

Q Do you offer discounts for clubs and charity events?

A Yes, please contact us for more information.

Q Do the vests work in the rain?

A Yes, the vests work okay in the rain and can even be used in water over a life jacket. Vests that have been submerged in water should be replaced as we only recommend they be used in this way in a life saving situation.

A No problems here, we have checked with the police and they are fine for people to wear the vests. You only need a white light at the front and a red light on the back of a vehicle. As this is worn by a person you can wear any colour