School & Club Fundraising

Are you involved with a School / Sports Club / Pre-School / Kindergarten or any organisation that needs to raise funds and keep kids safe ? 

Hi-Glow is committed to keeping our kids safe as they go to and from school and their activities. 

We have introduced a scheme to get schools & clubs  involved in actively supporting safety, and in the process the school benefits financially from sales made. 

We promote the vests through the school or club as a fund raiser, we provide sales brochures to give to all children to take home to their parents. The parents can then either order online or return the order form to the school / club. We then process the order and the school / club receives a donation from the proceeds of every vest sold - easy !

This keeps the kids safe and helps the school by boosting funds made from a very worthwhile cause. 

The children are happy to wear the vests as they are "cool and the parents are happy, safe in the knowledge that their children are making themselves as visible as possible. 

If you are interested in finding out how you can raise funds for your organisation and keep your kids safe contact us now at or call 02 115 00047